The cold dew season is heavy in maintenance, give you a full health Raiders!


The cold dew season is heavy in maintenance, give you a full health Raiders!

“Monthly Seventy-two Hours Set Solution”: September, the air is cold and will condense.

After the cold dew, the temperature began to decrease significantly, the ground dew was colder, and it was about to condense into frost.

It marks the transition from cool to cold and is a symbol of the cold weather.

How should we care for health at this time?


Appropriately add potential for climate differences across developing countries.

The autumn in the south is late, and the temperature difference between day and night is not great. Therefore, it is best not to prematurely add clothes too quickly, and the time of 鈥渁utumn freezing鈥?can be extended appropriately. The autumn in the north is colder, and the temperature difference between day and night is large.End the “autumn freeze” and add clothes at the right time.

Old people, children and people with weak physical body should pay attention to cold and warmth, and gradually add clothes.


Anti-cold disease is one of the important parts of the human body. There are many blood vessels, and Dazhui and Fengchi are in this area.

Since the beginning of cold dew, special attention should be paid to prevent warmth. You can use a scarf, scarf or high-necked clothes to keep your neck warm and avoid contraction of the skull blood vessels due to cold, to prevent hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, etc.There are certain benefits.


The waist is protected by the veins (the meridians around the waist), especially the back of the spine is where the kidneys are.

Kidney is warm and aversion to cold, and regular massage can warm the kidney and yang.

Therefore, everyone can often use both hands to squat, this action helps to clear the veins, strengthen the waist, and strengthen the kidney.


After the nose is gradually cooled, the “autumn dryness” is more obvious. At this time, rhinitis has become a big problem for many people.

In fact, at this time, “may be cold and cold!”

Specific methods: wash your nose with cold water every morning and evening, and rub your nose, which can enhance the immunity of the nasal mucosa and have the effect of complications of rhinitis.


There is no cloud in the footsteps. “The white body is not exposed, and the cold is not exposed.”

After the cold dew, the temperature gradually decreases, and the cold gas easily invades the human body.

Summer sandals should be collected, pay attention to keep your feet warm.

You can soak your feet with hot water every night, which can make the blood vessels of the feet expand, the blood flow speeds up, improve the skin and tissue nutrition of the feet and feet, reduce the pain of lower limbs and relieve fatigue.


Pay attention to the dryness of the diet in the fall, you can adjust the body from the diet.

Everyone eats nourishing yin and moisturizing food in cold dew. In autumn, the common seasonal fruits such as Sydney and persimmon can be eaten more properly. At the same time, avoid spicy food, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of autumn dryness.


Drink plenty of water in the autumn and dry. At this time, the daily evaporation of human skin is more than 600 ml, and the daily evaporation of lungs is more than 300 ml, so active drinking is necessary.

In addition, it is recommended that everyone take the “salt night honey” drinking water method after the cold dew – morning drink light salt water, drink honey water in the evening, so that it can effectively replenish water, but also prevent constipation caused by autumn dryness and other diseases.


Sleep more in the autumn night, everyone should pay attention to prevent excessive fatigue and uncontrolled nightlife, try to get up early and get up early.

Sleeping more for a while can solve the problem of autumn, and those who have the conditions can take one hour to sleep each day.