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[How to make white fungus thick?

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Tremella is a favorite thing for many women. The content of collagen in tremella is very high. If you eat it often, it has a tonic effect, especially if the tremella is thick and boiled, it is very refreshing to drink and often drink tremella.It can be good for people’s health, but many people don’t cook Tremella fuciformis, so how to make Tremella fuciformis thick?

Here’s how the white fungus is cooked and sticky.

How to make Tremella soup sticky? 1. To make the Tremella soup thick and sticky, be sure to soak it.

Tremella is immersed in warm water before cooking the soup.

Add enough water at a time when you are cooking, do not add water halfway.

After the white fungus is soaked, the cooking time is much shorter, about an hour, and it is very sticky and sticky.

2. The viscosity of Tremella is directly proportional to the time it takes to boil. The longer the time, the thicker the soup becomes.

It can be boiled over high heat, then reduced to the minimum heat and slowly cook until the soup becomes thick.

In addition, the white fungus should be torn a little, the smaller the better.

3. Another trick for cooking Tremella soup is to wash the Tremella first, remove the stalk, put it in a large bowl, and steam it for 10 minutes.

Then, according to the normal method, put it in a pot and add water to cook.

After an hour, make sure to cook the sticky white fungus soup.

4. You must choose good quality Tremella to cook delicious Tremella soup.

Don’t choose very white color, most of them are bleached, the yellowish color is the best.

After selection, immerse Tremella in cold water overnight, and wait for it to fully absorb moisture.

Wash and add to the pot the next day, add enough water, boil over high heat, and boil over low heat for about 40 minutes.

This method is both simple and energy efficient, and very practical.

The efficacy and role of white fungus 1, beauty skin care.

Can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage.

Contains a large amount of carotene, which helps maintain the normal function of skin cell tissues, stimulates skin metabolism, and keeps skin moist and delicate.

Enhance skin tension and eliminate wrinkles.

Tremella also contains a substance called gum arabic, which has a good effect on nourishing the skin’s cornea and delaying aging.

Long-term consumption can make the subcutaneous tissue full, the skin delicate and moist and elastic, and it is the best skin care product for winter and spring.

2, nourishing yin tonic.

Tonic Deficiency, Yijing Qi, lung and kidney, for the deficiency of lung and kidney yin.

Suitable for replenishing with chronic illness and depletion.

3. Run lungs and protect the liver.

Modern famous doctors introduced that Tremella fuciformis has the odor of Ophiopogon and its coldness, and the sweetness of Yuzhu and its greasiness.

It has been found in clinical practice that Tremella has significant effects on chronic bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease in the elderly.

At the same time, it can improve the detoxification function of the liver and protect the liver, but also improve the protective effect of the body against radiation and the anti-cancer effect.

Tip 1 for Tremella and look at the color.

Good white fungus is whitish or yellowish.

The white fungus may be smoked with sulfur. If it is yellow or dark yellow, it is likely to be dried after being wet, and the quality is not good.

2. Look at the shape.

Good white fungus is round, big, fluffy, and evenly spaced, and the meat is relatively thick. There are no dark spots and impurities on the tremella.

The flower is incomplete and the quality of the pedicle is not clean.

3. Look at the texture.Tremella contains a large amount of gum, so good Tremella texture is flexible and not easy to break.

4. Smell the smell.

Good Tremella is dry and has no odor.

Smoked with a special chemical preparation will have a pungent odor, damp, moldy, and tremella fuciformis will smell sour after being degraded.

5. Taste it.

If Tremella tastes a little bit spicy, it means that the quality of Tremella is very poor and it is best not to eat it.