That time period is the best time for sex life


That time period is the best time for sex life

This is the man’s favorite time to have sex in the morning, because most men are in an erect state when they wake up in the morning.

But many women have the opposite opinion.

Women pay more attention to the atmosphere and enjoyment in the process of making love, so they can hardly tolerate each other and kiss each other without brushing their teeth, whispering face to face.

In addition, the morning time is often in a hurry, it is difficult to slowly warm up, often quickly enter the role, quick and fast, no warmth and whispers after sex.

It is very appropriate to be physically active at this time of the afternoon.

The three hours of work in the morning will not be overwhelming us, and we will have a taste of meeting with our lover.

We rushed into the room and couldn’t wait to lock the door, warmly kissing, letting the fire burn.

Taking a nap at this time is very suitable for men, because women often fail to fall asleep immediately after a man makes love, even late at night, they should also whisper with the female partner to have the power to close their eyes.

In the nap, when you finish your love, you will fall asleep and no one will blame him.

In the evening, this should be the time of dinner. If it is full of love, it will bring the extreme fatigue of the body after the event, and the already dark sky will make you sleepy and lazy without the good mood to go out.

So if you choose to have sex at this time, it is best not to rush to dinner, and then go out for a walk together and find a delicious restaurant for a delicious meal.

In the middle of the night, no matter whether the modern men and women are amazingly unconventional and brave enough to break through the traditional way of life, we can’t deny that the time that best enables us to have sex is still the scheduling recommended by this ancient medical scientist.

At this time the night has completely fallen, the sleepiness has not yet come, the day’s activities are over, we can freely hand over to the senses, and then sleep quietly.

A climax is more helpful for sleep than sleeping pills.