Cool air conditioning does not forget to keep your eyes moist


Cool air conditioning does not forget to keep your eyes moist

Staying in the air-conditioned environment for a long time is prone to various problems, and the eyes are no exception, so you should blink more in the air-conditioned room.

銆€銆€High temperatures and heat, many people can’t wait to stay in a cool air-conditioned house all day long.

Therefore, many people use computers to watch TV for a long time, and their eyes are dry and awkward, which is very tired.

Experts remind that this has a lot to do with the use of air conditioning.

銆€銆€”There is a thin, transparent membrane at the front of the eyeball called the cornea, which protects the internal structure of the eye and the refraction. It needs to be kept moist to absorb oxygen for breathing.

Li Ying, chief physician of ophthalmology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told the reporter of Life Times that the air-conditioned house itself is relatively dry, and it is easily exposed to computer radiation. The eyes are prone to water shortage, causing eye brows, blurred vision, and seriousInflammation of the cornea, causing dry eye syndrome.

“Especially invisible contact lenses, because the glasses are continuously attached to the cornea, it is easier for the eyes to be dehydrated and red and swollen.

Li Ying said that when the eyes are dry, people will blink their eyes subconsciously. This will reduce the evaporation of water and form a thin film of water on the surface of the eyeball.” So when someone feels dry and tired, they can also deliberatelyBlinking, for example, looking at the computer for 15-20 minutes, it will be three or five times.

In addition, yawning can also promote the secretion of tears and moisturize the eyes.

銆€銆€Li Ying also pointed out that it is best for the office workers to keep a bottle of artificial tears, which are used twice in the morning and afternoon.

At the same time, we must pay attention to adjust the diet, the light around the computer, drink more chrysanthemum tea, cassia tea, etc., eat more foods rich in vitamin A.

Air-conditioned houses should also be regularly ventilated to enhance air circulation.

If you have a normal visual ability, you should see your doctor promptly. You can’t just buy eye drops.

銆€銆€In daily life, we have a lot of bad habits, and it will definitely endanger our health.

Do not think that these little habits are not worth mentioning, health care should start from the details of life.