[Eat these 6 kinds of dinner, it’s strange that the body doesn’t collapse]

[Eat these 6 kinds of dinner, it’s strange that the body doesn’t collapse]

Among the three meals a day, Chinese people have the most varied dinners. Some people have big fish and meat, some have porridge, some people don’t eat at all.

In this “dinner crisis”, oncologists and digestive experts say the following six kinds of dinners are the most harmful to the body.

Too much processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

Barbecue is the protagonist of many “carnivore” dinner tables.

Professor Zhou Chunling, a member of the Cancer Nutrition Support and Therapy Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, said that eating too much barbecue and smoked meat foods such as red sausage, roasted meat, etc., and even poor nutrition will affect digestion.

In the process of grilling food, a “Maillard reaction” occurs. Although the smell is fragrant, it affects the digestion and absorption of proteins.

In addition, eating meat at dinner, lack of vegetables, and reduced exercise volume are likely to cause obesity, and even increase the risk of diabetes, colorectal cancer and other malignant tumors.

Therefore, dinner parties should try to stay away from barbecue, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients and elderly with reduced digestion and absorption should pay more attention.

Try to use simmer, cook, stew, etc. with less oil and less salt.