People’s Daily reminds: 24 people’s health common sense, careful to raise more and more sick


People’s Daily reminds: 24 people’s “health common sense”, careful to raise more and more sick

In daily life, we are often confused by some small common sense of life.

You can’t eat two eggs a day, there are parasites in crayfish, and you can eat cancer with tofu. This can’t be eaten, and you can’t touch it. Are these “health common sense” really true or false?

The following is the “health common sense” of the 24 pit people released by the People’s Daily. We need to polish our eyes together and raise our knowledge!

1, don’t eat too many eggs a day?

Many people worry that eating eggs can affect plasma levels in the body and cause cardiovascular disease.

There is no research to clarify the relationship between the two. There are no problems with eating two or three eggs a day.

2, not eating at night can both lose weight and good health?

Not eating dinner is very hurtful to the body, it is easy to hurt the gastrointestinal function, affecting endocrine, not conducive to weight loss.

3, acne grows in different positions, representing different organs?

No, it means that the years have only taken away the “youth” in “acne” without taking away your “pox”.

The appearance of acne is related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles in the body. The nose, chin, front, and sebaceous glands are more likely to grow acne.

4, crayfish are all parasites, can not eat?

If you are all around, you may not see the crayfish.

Crayfish do have parasites. They must be cooked and cooked before eating. If you are not familiar with it, you can’t help but eat.

5, the computer in front of the pot cactus can prevent radiation?

Tested by a radiation tester, cactus does not have anti-radiation effects.

In fact, no plant has been found to have radiation protection.

6, eating tofu will make women suffering from cancer?

Tofu is a good thing, and more protein can also make up calcium.

It does not cause high blood pressure and is good for women’s health.

7, the body has not had a fever, but the body is not good?

Bacterial invasion or acute exercise, entering a high temperature environment, etc. may cause an increase in body temperature.

Without fever, there is no pathogen invasion or the body is temporarily unaware.

Whether the body has a big problem can be judged not only by whether or not it has a fever.

8, type O blood should eat less grain, type A blood should eat less meat?

There has never been such a particularity in the profession.

9, should brush your teeth immediately after meals?

The latest research by stomatologists believes that brushing your teeth immediately after a meal is harmful to your teeth.

There is a layer of enamel on the surface of the crown. I have just eaten the rice, especially the acidic food, but the enamel becomes soft.

Brushing your teeth at this time can easily cause enamel damage.

Over time, the enamel of the teeth is gradually reduced, which is easy for people to suffer from allergies of the teeth. When eating, the teeth will have symptoms of acid and pain.

Therefore, after eating, it is best to rinse your mouth with water and wait for 1-2 hours before brushing your teeth.

10, lipstick is equal to eating heavy metals?

Unless a person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead does not affect health.

11, all kinds of recommendations “to cure all diseases” health care products are useful?

Health care products are not only expensive, but also may delay the treatment of errors and delay the disease.

Do not eat health care products perspective distance treatment!

12, is there a stress in front of sleeping?Head north foot south?

Still head to the west?

Or is the southeast of the head northeast?

As long as you like it, it’s all good forward, and there is nothing special about it.

13, physical examination will still be sick, it is better not to check?

If you are full, you will be hungry, and you will not see anyone who has hunger strike.

Physical examination can help us understand the basic condition of the body, and notice some chronic disease precursors. Doing a regular physical examination every year is very valuable for health.

14, straight cucumbers are sprayed, can not eat?

Straight cucumbers, curved cucumbers, are all good cucumbers.

Normally growing cucumbers are straight, but sometimes because the weather is not good, the water is not enough, and it is easy to grow.

15, eating black sesame helps hair blacken?

For white hair with trace elements missing, black sesame is rich in trace elements, but the force is too small, and it is not necessarily 100% digested after eating.

For the white hair caused by old age, black sesame is still unable to reverse its aging.

16, hair will absorb a lot of nutrition in the human body?

When the hair grows out, it has hardened and keratinized, which means that there is no life.

Our hair has no blood vessels and no nerves, so the hair will not absorb our nutrition at all, and friends don’t have to worry.

17, the soap hurts the skin?

Bathing fluid causes cancer?

The soap has a stronger cleaning ability, and the bathing liquid feels better, but the difference is not too big.

I like to flip this card there, no need to tangled.

18, effective diet pills do not exist?

There are no shortcuts for losing weight. Pay attention to eating and pay attention to exercise.

If you have a hard time making up your mind, you may never be able to start.

19, eating walnuts is good for the brain, to shape the shape?

Nutrition is evaluated by the composition of the food, not the way it is, and the food is not visible.

20, egg white can be whitened?

There is no effective ingredient in the egg white that causes the skin to whiten. On the contrary, the unripe egg white may have bacteria, which may cause allergies when applied to the whole body.

21, wireless WiFi is very dangerous to radiate?

If you bring WiFi to the toilet. maybe you can play the phone for hours.

(See it?

Is it harmful?

The radiation of WiFi has no effect on the body, don’t worry about this.

22. What is the best sport to 鈥渨alk鈥?

Too many walks: ruined the prison.

In fact, normal people should take 6000-10000 steps per day, and the mileage of 3-5 kilometers is more appropriate.

If you walk too much every day, you will probably be hurt!

23, potato skin can dye hair?

This legend is true, not a surprise?

Not unexpected?

Although this is true, the dyeing effect of the potato skin is very short, and the basic hair wash is gone.24, brush your teeth without brushing the tongue?

Always brush, you have to brush it carefully.

Bacteria live on the tongue, often cleaned, so that your “tone” is no longer so big.